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Our Mission
Creating a culture of profitable habits!
In this challenging economy, your company can’t afford hit-and-miss approaches.
ADI offers organizations its proven and flexible behavior-based technology. We tailor our services and products to address each organization’s unique challenges. Through a sophisticated application of the simple process outlined below, we help organization’s create a culture of profitable habits—one in which persistent patterns of behavior at all levels of the organization consistently benefit the organization to bring out the best in people.
  • Define the results you require
  • Determine the actions necessary to attain those results
  • Deliver the consequences needed to achieve and sustain optimal performance
We invite you to browse our services and products for the options that best address your business needs. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for or are interested in expert consulting services, please contact us.
At ADI, our mission is to enable every client the opportunity to achieve any business, cultural, or individual goal using a positive, proven, and ethical behavioral strategy:
  • Identifying current and desired performance
  • Measuring performance and results
  • Providing actionable group and individual feedback
  • Designing and applying consequences that shape improvement
 We invite you to take a look at some of the ways that we are fulfilling our mission.
Vantage Point Healthcare Information Systems
Vantage Point offers SmartCare®, a complete Business Intelligence system including the data warehouse and a powerful analytical workstation in a single package. It can be fully implemented in a few days rather than many months, and it can load electronic medical records with claims data and analyze them together. The need for “actionable” information has never been greater and Vantage Point is committed to providing superior results at a much lower cost than our competitors.


Adeptys is a consulting firm excellently prepared through extensive experience to assist in all aspects of managed healthcare. Headed by a former managed-care President/CEO and highly successful healthcare veteran, A. Paul Holdren, Adeptys has the experienced capability and field contacts to help you through healthcare's challenges and opportunities.

Adeptysʼ capabilities include:

• Health plan development
• Health plan analysis and management
• Provider contract negotiation
• Life and health benefits negotiation for businesses
• Life and health benefits contracting for businesses


Fort Hill’s first product was Friday5s®, a web-based follow-through management system designed to engage participants post-program. The idea was: “Let’s move the finish line so that the program doesn’t end until performance improves.” Friday5s includes five bi-weekly updates using these five key components:

  • a reminder system
  • a place to record progress, reflect, and plan
  • content specific to the program participant’s objective
  • coaching
  • collaboration

Soon after, we extended the technology to create DevelopmentEngine® to support individual development plans and ResultsEngine® for business-focused programs and objectives. Altogether, more than 90,000 participants have benefited from Fort Hill’s Follow-Through Tools®.

Even so, we noticed that some companies got greater returns on their training and development than others. We analyzed the best practices at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Home Depot, Sony, and Humana and distilled the best practices into the highly-acclaimed book, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, which defined the six critical practices of high-impact learning. The 6Ds™ approach has been adopted enterprise-wide at top companies such as Kaiser Permanente. Both workshops and consulting are available to help learning organizations implement the Six Disciplines.