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Alignment Traps
There are many Alignment Traps that researchers have identified that can cause failure for the best intentioned of people. Failure to understand and manage organizations as systems is pervasive and like gravity, is a law of nature that is independent of authority. Denying or ignoring it does not make it go away. Applying tools to organization problems without understanding the dynamic complexity of the organization as a system usually results in people blaming the tools for failed improvement, like people saying "We tried Lean but it did not work."
Some Alignment Traps:
Alignment Chaos (learn more...)
Blind Men and the Elephant (learn more...)
Business Delusions That Deceive Managers (learn more...)
Change Process Traps (learn more...)
Employee Consequence Management (learn more...)
Performance Improvement Traps (learn more...)
Learning Traps (learn more...)
Experience Traps (learn more...)
Intelligence Traps
(learn more...)
Decision Traps (learn more...)
Hypothesis Traps (learn more...)
Lake Wobegon Trap (learn more...)
Iceberg Trap (learn more...)
Brainstorming Trap (learn more...)
Deming's Fourteen Points (learn more...)
Know-Doing Traps (learn more...)
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