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Superior Healthcare and Service Organization Performance?
 It's All About Alignment.®
 High velocity...dynamic...optimized external and internal alignment of leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, human resource focus, process management, and measurement, analysis, and knowledge management. The foundation for all of this is applying a scientific understanding of behavior - applied behavior analysis. All results are produced by behavior.
Performance = behavior + results!
Evidence-Based Management
...just like evidence-based medicine...
Best Thinking + Best Methods = Best Results

"The fool learns only from his own mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others. "(Otto Von Bismarck)

  • Face the hard facts, and build a culture in which people are encouraged to tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant.
  • Be committed to "fact based" decision making - no brag...just facts  - which means being committed to getting the best evidence and using it to guide actions.
  • Treat your organization as an unfinished prototype - encourage experimentation and learning by doing.
  • Look for the risks and drawbacks in what people recommend - even the best medicine has side effects.
  • Avoid basing decisions on untested but strongly held beliefs, what you have done in the past, or on uncritical "benchmarking" of what winners do.
Accountability through Tranparency.
You need to make the invisible visible ...like with an iceberg.
  In order to improve performance and to eliminate waste, quality defects, variation and freezing in a lifeboat.
The genius of the approaches we use is in the fact that they get implemented, not in particularly novel or complicated technical ideas for improving organization performance.
Our Clients 
 Healthcare and other service organizations...
health plans, hospitals, health centers, medical groups, etc.
Client Goals
 Achieve consistently superior results in customer satisfaction/loyalty, safety, quality, employee engagement and productivity, cycle times, cost, and growth.
Client Challenges 
- the urgencies of the business consume all of your time
- managing the organization as a system
- metrics that align strategy, processes and people
- transparency of the mis-alignments
- availability of resources (knowledge, skills, time)
- internalizing new paradigms
- moving from command and control
to high employee engagement
- moving to evidence-based management
managing the dynamics of change
We Are Guided By North Star Principles
Of Successful Customer/User Outcomes:
 - Solve my problem completely

- Don’t waste my time

- Provide exactly what I want

- Deliver value where I want it

- Deliver value when I want it

- Reduce the # of decisions I must make to solve my problem
Our Compass?
It's All About Alignment.® 
 Toyota and other high velocity organizations
continually outperform competitors because of 
their performance DNA of systems thinking,
tools, technologies and methodologies.
Even the best can lose their way - Toyota - shame on you!
 These "evidence-based management" (EBM) approaches achieve consistently superior results in customer satisfaction/loyalty, safety, quality, employee engagement and productivity, cycle times, cost, and growth.
   First, it starts with understanding that:
Every Organization is a System...
"A system is a whole made up of parts. Each part can affect the way other parts work and the way all parts work together will determine how well the system works. This is a fundamental challenge to traditional management thinking. Traditionally we have learned to manage an organization by managing its separate pieces (sales, marketing, production, logistics, service, etc.). Managing in this way always causes sub-optimization; parts achieve their goals at the expense of the whole. Only changing the system solves the problem."
 John Seddon, Vanguard...The Toyota System For Service Organizations
Systems thinking for service organizations...watch
The real leverage in most management situations lies in understanding dynamic complexity, not detail complexity. Improving quality, lowering costs, and satisfying customers in a sustainable manner is a dynamic process. Most systems analyses focus on detail complexity not dynamic complexity.
And remember, every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results it gets, whether that is the intention of the designer or not.
    Thenorganizations need to select
a validated, evidence-based managment overall alignment approach to improving your organization’s performance excellence, like the:
Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Alignment Framework


   Then, organizations need an efficient and
effective measurement and strategy execution process,
like the:
Balanced Scorecard Measurement Process

 Then, organizations need an organization-wide strategy, technologies and tools to reduce waste and quality defects and variation, like:
Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
Business Process Management (BPM)
 Then, organizations need a unifying employee behavior strategy in order to align workplace systems to assure that valuable behavior is reinforced at the right time, in the right way, for the right things and at the right frequency. This is where ADI's behavior-based technology comes in.
You don't lead by results; you lead to results; and only behavior will get you there.
Behavior-based workplace solutions and strategies that produce results from Aubrey Daniels International's (ADI)
 Then, organizations need high velocity, constant improvement that Toyota and other superior performing organizations demonstrate using Deming's PDSA scientific improvement approach, which is the foundation for all successful improvement methodologies:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
- Leonardo DaVinci

  Then, organizations need warp speed PDSA, which leads to mastery and then to fluency.
 Or not.
"It is not necessary to change.
Survival is not mandatory."
E. Edwards Deming
Please excuse the busy website - it is undergoing major revision!
OnTheSystem is aligned with the following:
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein
Are you taking advantage of
It is transforming healthcare.
BFC = f(PPT x 1A3)
Better, Faster, Cheaper = f(People, Process, Technology x It's All About Alignment.®)
Performance results that are better
than sliced bread.

Performance Consulting
Paul L.Gandillot, MBA
What would 99.9% success look like in everyday processes?
  • One major plane crash every three days.
  • 16,000 pieces of mail lost by U.S. Postal Service every hour.
  • 37,000 ATM errors every hour.
  • 12 babies would be given to the wrong parents every day.
"Rather than defining performance consulting by the interventions they use, performance consultants take a comprehensive systems view of performance, examining the alignment of the total performance system in every venue where they work. Because workers do not perform in as vacuum, successful performance consultants leverage that systems viewpoint to learn how the workers, processes, and organizational goals are aligned and how total performance goals are aligned and how the total performance system operates. This system includes environment, culture, inputs, processes, outputs, feedback, and organizational stakeholders that are particular to the organization” (Addison, 2003).
Our Services - Where To Start
Clipper Performance Solutions and our affiliated organizations can help you improve results by starting with a Rapid Organization Alignment Health Checkup to validate your concerns, identify new ones, or merely to establish a baseline for improvement efforts.
Rapid Organization
Alignment Health Checkup
 We can rapidly help you determine how various levels of the organization perceive the health of the organization's alignment for success. It provides an objective information baseline that can help determine an alignment improvement strategy.  
Descriptions of the full set of services are being added daily to the website.
All services we provide are focused on understanding and managing your organization as a system and the need for dynamic alignment. We can help align some or all of your key performance variables. Think of us as your Alignment Partner.
  • Assessments:
    • Malcolm Baldrige
    • Rummler-Brache
    • Process Maturity
    • Balanced Scorecard: strategy maps, scorecards, dashboards
    • Leadership and management development programs
    • and more
  • Strategic and scenario planning facilitation
  • Balanced scorecard strategy execution development
    • strategy execution process
    • strategy maps
    • strategy scorecards
    • operational dashboards
  • Lean Six Sigma implementation/projects
  • Business process architecture and process support strategy development and implementation
  • Leadership and management development
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty improvement
  • Function as part-time:
    • Chief Alignment Officer
    • Chief Performance Officer
    • Chief Strategic Planning Officer
  • Healthcare Analytics System & Services
  • And more.

It takes a team to improve an organization...meet some of our team


Aubrey Daniels International

At ADI, we not only execute behavior-based workplace solutions and strategies that produce results, we tailor them to the specific needs of our clients. In addition to specialized consulting services, ADI offers the following individual and organizational solutions:
  • Precision Leadership & Coaching
  • Surveys & Assessments
  • Performance Measurement & Incentive Pay
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Certification
  • BLITZ Precision Learning
  • Perfiormance Management Publications
See our book recommendtion, Bringing Out the Best in People...

Vantage Point Healthcare
Information Systems
A complete healthcare Business Intelligence system that combines a data warehouse and a powerful analytical workstation in a single, low cost system.
Precision Healthcare Analytic
System and Services at
 Warp Speed!
The Fort Hill Company is the global leader in turning learning into results.

We do so through a combination of our award winning methodology, cutting edge follow-through systems, thought leadership, and consulting.

Fort Hill originated the concept of Follow-Through Management® to maximize the value delivered by learning initiatives. More than 90,000 learners in over 48 countries have used our web-based Follow-Through Tools®.

Learning leaders world wide have made our best-selling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning the new standard for designing, delivering, and evaluating training and development programs.
Clipper Performance Solutions
It's All About Alignment.®