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Baldrige/Lean Thinking/Six Sigma/Balanced Scorecard Alignment
The success of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Balanced Scorecard can be enhanced by a “Culture of Excellence” that is characterized by the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence.
  • Note the systematic method by which the Baldrige-based culture of excellence is established, waste is eliminated from processes through Lean Thinking, processes are moved toward perfection using Six Sigma, and progress is measured using a Balanced Scorecard to assess results.
  • The Baldrige criteria require waste reduction, process improvement, and results that are aligned with business strategies and goals. Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, and Balanced Scorecard tools demonstrate how some organizations have chosen to carry out these requirements.
  • The goal of this effectively aligned process is to drive beyond incremental improvement to breakthrough improvement - and breakthrough improvement is where significant competitive advantage is gained.