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 Clipper Performance Solutions
Our vision, mission and values help define who we are
 and how we approach our work.


Our vision is to excel in our efforts to help for profit and nonprofit organizations and individuals achieve breakthrough and continuous and sustainable performance improvements and to be considered a trusted adviser to our clients.

Our mission is to support and strengthen organizations and individuals in their quest to make breakthrough and continuous and sustainable performance improvements.

We are guided by a set of values that help define who we are and how we approach our work. 


We value measurable performance improvements that are sustainable and long-lived.
We strive to close the knowing-doing gap by continuous assessment and application of data based research findings, not fads or theories.
We strive to help clients develop practices that rely on honest self-assessment, data and truth.
We strive to help clients develop new ways of thinking, perceiving and behaving.
We seek to make a difference and believe enthusiasm is a multiplier.
We believe in the importance of what we are doing individually and collectively.

We strive for honesty and candor in all interactions.

We seek to earn compensation only if we help clients improve their performance.

We protect private and confidential information of clients.
We value clients and their points of view.
We strive to listen to one another, learn from one another, and give one another the benefit of the doubt.
We strive for professional and personal excellence.
We strive for personal and professional growth, continuous discovery, and positive change.
Clipper Performance Solutions
It's All About Alignment.